Enhance and define your eyes with Vi'TalDerm MD Semi-Permanent Lash and Brow Professional Tinting procedure.

Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tinting

Lift Your Look
This clinical treatment is gentle and safe, physician formulated specifically for the eyelash and eyebrow area with all natural vegetable based dye and does not contain coal tar. Safe for contact wearers. It will change the appearance of your facial features making your eyes more defined, a natural bold look: Making your eyes more noticeable (blue eyes appear bluer, green eyes appear brighter, and brown eyes appear deeper).

Tinting is ideal for clients with fair eyelashes or eyebrows, as it enhances and emphasizes them without the daily use of mascara or eyebrow pencil. It is also a popular treatment to have before going on vacation, for those who are allergic to mascara, or do not have the time to apply it and for those who are athletic or swim regularly also find it more convenient.


For eyelash and eyebrow tinting a patch test is required if tinting for the first time
This is essential to check for any sensitivity to the tinting product. If you experience the following conditions Semi-Permanent Tinting cannot be performed:
  • Hyper-sensitive skin or sensitivity to eye makeup
  • Eye disorder e.g. conjunctivitis
  • Inflammation or swelling around the eye area due to irritation
  • Skin disease in the eye area e.g. impetigo
  • Excessively dry flaky skin or cuts around the eye area


Semi-Permanent Tinting is a very inexpensive way to immediately bring back youthfulness and definition to the eyebrow and eyelash. Tinting allows one less step in your make-up regimen. Forget about shading your brows with a pencil or eyeliner on a daily basis, come in for Semi-Permanent Tinting every 4 – 6 weeks.
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