The RODERMA MICRO™ is especially designed to restore a more youthful appearance and reverse the signs of aging and gravity.

Roderma Micro™

Turn back the clock.
  • Advanced Aesthetic Procedure
  • Physician Formulated
  • Exclusively at Vi'TalDerm MD
The benefits of a non-surgical, rejuvenating, resurfacing face lifting procedure that will enhance muscle toning and tightening, clearing away dead skin cells and allowing antioxidants and oxygen to penetrate deeper into the skin while promoting the growth of healthy skin cells.
Treatment will:
  • Strengthens the muscles of the face
  • Enhance skin texture and facial color
  • Exfoliation of dead skin cells
  • Improves circulation
  • Increase collagen level
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Lift eyebrows and lids
  • Face & Neck structuring
  • Plump and firm the skin



Optimal results requires cumulative treatments. Exclusively at Vi'TalDerm MD.

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What is Roderma Micro™?
The Roderma Micro™ is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that removes dead skin cells and initiates cellular turnover, physician formulated to aid in the battle of anti-aging, improving the texture and appearance of the skin, re-educating and toning the facial muscles, and reducing the overall visual appearance of aging. It is a popular procedure that gives you the freedom to attain anti-aging goals without the recovery, downtime, side effects, and expense of surgeries.
Is the procedure safe?
The Roderma Micro™ is a safe, painless FDA cleared technology. In most cases it is sub-sensory, and many clients find it quite relaxing. At a cellular level, the procedure stimulates activity in the cell to create massive amounts of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP), which drives number of biological processes including muscle contraction/re-education and protein (collagen and elastin) synthesis. The Roderma Micro™ is an effective, proven alternative procedure without the worry of possible dangerous complications.
How long will it take to see the results?
Remarkable differences are seen after the first treatment, the benefits of Roderma Micro™ are cumulative, maximum results are obtained by participating in a series of treatments plus following the recommended home care regimen. To further enhanced your outcome. It is recommended that you use the prescribed products specifically directed toward obtaining correction: Keeping regular appointments and carefully following your home care regimen to support your results.
How long should I expect the results to last?
Your cosmetic investment is preserved as long as you are receiving maintenance treatments every 6 – 8 weeks after the initial treatment series.

Treatments are run as a series, averaging between 6 – 12 treatments. Some clients will need more and some clients will require less, this will depend on the client’s skin tissue and muscle tone. Results have been reported to last up to 2 years to 3 years or longer. The results are depending on how well the client is looking after their skin and staying consistence with their required maintenance routine. It is important to do a maintenance treatment every 6 – 8 weeks intervals after completing your series.
Is Satisfaction Guaranteed?
Maximum results are highly dependent on your age, cumulative sun exposure, health, lifestyle and your willingness to follow recommended protocols. The University of Washington conducted studies and that have shown a 14% increase in the production of natural collagen, a 48% increase in natural elastin production, and 38% increase in blood circulation over the course of 20 days.
  • Increase Fibroblastic Activity
    • Fibroblast cells are responsible for product collagen in the skin
  • Increase Protein Synthesis
    • Muscles become more “plumped & rejuvenated. Elastin is increased; the appearance is refined and improved.
  • Increase Membrane Support
    • Cell permeability
How often is Roderma Micro™ performed?
The procedure is performed in 10 day intervals. The actual number of procedures may vary from 6 to 12 treatments, depending on the nature of the individual’s client’s area(s) of concern, his/her personal goals and the response to treatment. To provide continuous long-lasting improvement, it is recommended to have a maintenance treatment every 6 – 8 week intervals.
Will I miss work or need to stay indoors?
Recovery is minimal with the Roderma Micro™ , Your skin may look slightly flushed after treatment but this dissipates after 10 – 30 minutes. Clients can return to work immediately. It is recommended to sustain from working out, gym activity 24 – 48 hours after the procedure as your sweat glands produces sodium which can cause irritation to your newly fresh skin.
Is the Roderma Micro™ for everyone?
While most people can benefit by the application of Roderma Micro™, there are some absolute contraindications: This procedure is not suitable to be performed on clients with epilepsy, pacemaker, pregnant women, or anyone with active cancer.

Pre Care Instructions

  • The RODERMA MICRO™ procedure can exfoliate up to 25 microns of the top surface (stratum corneum) of your skin. The stratum corneum is made up of dead skin cells that provide a buffer to your living cells. Any substance that is applied post-treatment is absorbed very quickly and deeply. A slight rosy glow, much like sunburn, may appear for approximately 24-48 hours. Your skin may feel "wind-burned" and will also be more vulnerable.
  • Two days prior to treatment, discontinue using all alpha hydroxyl acid products (those containing glycolic or lactic acid), salicylic acid products, retinoids (Retin A, Renova, Differin and Tazorac) and other topical acne medications such as benzoyl peroxide. 
    • If in doubt about using any products, please discontinue it and discuss at the time of your appointment.
  • The Following procedures should not be performed for minimum of (7) days before your appointment: 
    • Waxing
    • Electrolysis
    • Laser Treatments (any kind)
    • Injections (Collagen, Botox, Juvederm)
    • Chemical Peels
  • If you have any history of keloid formation, excessive scarring or poor healing (due to diabetes or other conditions) or if you have areas with active viral infections such as herpes simplex (cold sores or vermicelli (shingles), pacemaker, pregnancy, thrombosis, phlebitis, epilepsy and/or active cancer. The Roderma Micro™ procedure will not be performed.

Post Care Instructions

  • Aerobic exercise or vigorous physical activity should be avoided: You may resume 24 – 48 hours.
  • Refrain from Botox, fillers or other tissue filler injections for (5) to (7) days following your treatment.
  • Refrain from waxing, electrolysis or other hair removal methods for (14) days.
  • Sun protection will be applied to your skin at the end of your procedure: You must protect your skin every day with the recommended full spectrum of SPF Sun Protection for your skin type that protects both UVA and UVB with an SPF of 30 or higher. Avoid direct sun exposure: All tanning and tanning beds must be avoided during the course of treatments.
  • You may resume prescription retinoid products (10) days after the last Roderma Micro tm treatment, or as instructed. If you are receiving a series of treatments, do not resume any of these products until after you have completed your last treatment.
  • Following all Post Roderma Micro™ home care product recommendations as instructed. Optimal results are achieved by following a professional home care regimen that will enhance the process.
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