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Digital Gift Cards
With Americans spending more time on their mobile phones than on desktop computers, digital gift cards such as Gyft makes it easy for you to give the perfect gift card and conveniently manage them from any device. Since the mobile phone has become an integral part of the shopping experience, it only make sense that clients would demand that gift cards go digital and mobile, making their acquisition, distribution, and redemption as quick and convenient as paying with their tried-and-true debit and credit cards. The benefits are simple to see: digital gift cards are easier to buy, easier to give, easier to keep track of, and are an easier forum in which to earn loyalty rewards.

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How can I purchase a digital gift card?
To purchase, it's as easy as 1-2-3:
  1. Contact Vi'TalDerm MD at 303.968.8138
  2. Stop by Vi'TalDerm MD to purchase your digital gift card
  3. Buy and send your digital gift card to that special someone
Can I purchase the gift cards online?
That is not possible at the moment. Customers can only purchase gift cards through Vi'TalDerm MD in person.
How is the digital gift card sent to the recipient?
Digital gift cards are sent to the buyer via text message. The buyer can then download the Gyft app and send the gift card to the special someone.
Where can customers access, view or store their digital gift card?
Customers can access, view or store their digital gift cards in the free Gyft app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It is then available to download from the Apple and Google app stores.
Can I purchase plastic or traditional gift card?
Yes, plastic or traditional gift cards are available. However, digital gift cards are easier to buy, give or keep track of. They are also an easier forum in which to earn loyalty rewards.
Do the gift cards have expiration dates?
The gift cards do not have expiration dates.
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